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Helene Joyce BSc (Hons) ESMT IAAT

Helene has been an avid horse owner and rider for over 25 years, taking a special interest in dressage, but partaking in all disciplines including showing and eventing. She is currently producing a 4yo Irish Draught filly who it is hoped will be her competition horse for the future. 

She graduated from Bishop Burton in 2011 with a BSc (Hons) Equine Science, taking a particular interest in reproduction and breeding. Through this, she was a finalist in the BEF MAREC Internship competition in its inaugural year, and also relished the opportunity to be part of the BEF Futurity gradings. 

More recently, Helene completed the Diploma in Equine Sports Massage with the College of Animal Physiotherapy. She takes a keen interest in all aspects of equestrianism, particularly how to improve performance and helping riders achieve their ultimate goals, whether it be a happy hacker or top competition horse. 

Helene takes pride in making all treatments bespoke for each horse, working with the owner to ensure the horse is performing at his very best and achieving top results.

Helene is accredited with the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT). This accreditation ensures your peace of mind, meaning that all members must follow a code of ethics and good practice, attend regular CPD and ensure that they hold appropriate insurance for their given field.

What is Equine Sports Massage?

What will Equine Sports Massage do for my horse?

Maintain Range of Motion

equine horse massage stretch therapy therapist manchester bury bolton rochdale middleton heywood

Regular massage and stretching sessions helps to maintain the full range of motion in all your horses limbs and the surrounding muscle groups. This is increasingly valuable to older horses or those in strenuous work, in turn increasing their flexibility in all aspects of their training. 

Promote Relaxation

equine horse massage stretch therapy therapist manchester bury bolton rochdale middleton heywood

The action of massage movements over a muscle produces an opioid effect. This means that the horse develops an overwhelming sense of well-being and relaxation, thus promoting good health and reducing stress. It also provides pain relief when tension from trigger or stress points is released.

Improve Circulation

equine horse massage box rest rehabilitation manchester bury therapy rochdale middleton heywood

Naturally, a horse would wander freely for miles per day, however this natural behaviour is limited due to our modern management methods. The action of massage stimulates the circulation to a particular area. This action creates a warming of the treatment area, increases blood flow and thus encouraging a natural healing response.

Improve Suppleness and Muscle Tone

muscle building fitness training dressage showing eventing rehab therapist massage

Regular and thorough massage sessions alongside stretching exercises will help your horse by releasing any built up tension, mobilising the muscle and improving muscle tone. The horse will then be able to work much more freely and in a more open and supple frame.

Removal of Toxins


Build up of lactic acid is commonplace in an overworked and tense muscle. The action of massage techniques is designed to remove this and encourage lymphatic drainage, removing waste products from the horses body so that they can be excreted as metabolic waste.

Improve Performance

dressage eventing showjumping flatwork training performance hunting massage horse manchester therapy

Massage therapies when used regularly can help to improve performance, whether it be for the happy hacker or competition horse. If a horse is feeling comfortable and relaxed, he will be able to perform to the best of his abilities, without hindrance from aches or tension in his muscles.

How often should I use Sports Massage Therapy for my horse?

Every massage session is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for any any horse, as you can see from this short clip.

We recommend massage sessions at three-monthly intervals for the leisure horse, to keep them feeling free and happy in their work.

For the more active horse who may be regularly competing, hunting or in hard work, monthly sessions are beneficial to prevent any lasting effects of muscle soreness and fatigue which may lead to a reduction in performance.


horse massage therapy sports treatment manchester bury bolton middleton heywood rochdale equine

Equine Sports Massage Session (within 10 miles of BL9)

£30.00 per horse

Full body static and dynamic assessment, full case history taken. Full body sports massage treatment and stretching as required.

Equine Sports Massage (outside of 10 miles from BL9)

£35.00 per horse

Full body static and dynamic assessment, full case history taken. Full body sports massage treatment and stretching as required.

  • Additional mileage charges may apply dependent on location
  • Discounts available for 2 or more horses on the same yard
  • NHS discount available (cannot be used in conjunction with multiple horse discount)

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Upon booking, your Veterinary Surgeons name and contact information will be requested for our records. This is a legal requirement in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act and this legislation applies to all certified equine therapists. 

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